Aja Lee

Painting Gallery

White Lotus - Acrylic on Canvas 36x36

This painting was the last reason for finally unveiling all of my paintings to the public. I had always sold paintings sort of in secret, some of my painting clients not really knowing me and my music clients never knowing I was a painter.  I was standing over this painting, 5 years after I had finished it to fill a blank wall in a previous house, and was ready to paint over it to save the canvas from becoming obsolete, at least in my mind.  Well, apparently friends don't let friends paint over old paintings, and I had a gem of a friend there who stopped me in my tracks from painting over it and insisted one of her design clients was looking for this exact thing.  I was happy to part with it (most of my paintings i can't bear to sell) and she carted it off to it's new happy home as seen here looking better than it ever did before.

So it was with this that I decided even my own idea of my art is none of my business.