Aja Lee

Painting Gallery

Passion Flower - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 4ftx3.5ft

This was a commissioned work, something I love to do as it is always a fun challenge.  This was a past years pottery barn pattern color scheme and the client wanted her favorite flower incorporated in this work to go above the couch, and I just so happened to have a passion flower vine growing in my garden for the perfect subject.

Commissioned works are always quicker and easier to acquire and fit perfectly into the home as you can order the exact size, shape, thickness of canvas, with or without frame, and I can match the colors exactly to the room and even to the lighting as you may notice sometimes when something looks good outside the home, the lighting inside the home or office will yield a different result.  I should know, I have been doing commissioned works for my own home exclusively for the last 16 years;)  It is so fulfilling for both the painter and the client to turn a blank space on a wall into the vision we see together, thus doing our part to make the world a more beautiful place.