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The all-new gallery with all new work and the Launch Party for June 7 2018 on the design district of Cedros in Solana Beach.

View the Painting Gallery at the New Website dedicated to Aja's Art inside of the full-service Three tier collective including Custom Canvas Commissions, Archival Reproductions, and Gift Shop.



10% of all profit from BLUFINEARTCALIFORNIACOLLECTIVE go to saving the rainforests and cleaning the oceans of our planet.

Aja Lee Music and Art Studios are an all green production now proudly using Earth Paint Oil Paints, all natural pigments with walnut oil, better for our beautiful Earth, healthier for the artist, and a richer color.


Ocean Tides & Sea Salt - 18X24 Oil on Canvas Board


Oil on Canvas Preorder Custom through a La Jolla Design Co. perfectly suited for the Coronado Penthouse it will hang in:)  I love this one so much I am planning to recreate it and add the tops of little umbrellas to unfold a coastline aerial view of the Mediterranean tides.

Check out the amazing design company who ordered this work  http://cmnaturaldesigns.com/


Lignano, Italy - Oil on Canvas with 100 Year old Recycled Wood Custom Frame 4.5ftx4ft

On the beach in Lignano Italy I snapped this picture, exactly as you see it here in color and form.  The sky was heavy with the heat of a long day and not ten minutes after taking this picture I giant electrical storm blew in and every single one of these umbrellas was picked up by the wind or toppled over in a giant domino effect.  The strange summer weather lended a hand to these spectacular colors and clouds and thus this painting was born.

Hand Built Frame using over 100 year old recycled wood planks (available with any painting or through this Eco Wood Artist I use Oddwoodart.com's Mike Callahan).


Sardegna - Oil on Canvas Framed 24x34

After spending a few days exploring the entire northern half of Sardegnia's coastline I was enchanted by the color and I knew I would be painting this as soon as I got home.  I could paint this a million more times, everytime I look at it I feel like i am on vacation.  I hope that the observer enjoys the same feeling.

All Pallet knife work on Oil


Abalone - Oil and Texture on Canvas 5ftx3ft

When I first moved to San Diego from Michigan I was struck by everything I found on the beach and this little abalone shell was no exception.

Mixed media with sand dried seaweed and Iridescent paints


Sea Star - 19x19 Mixed Media

I painted this from a really cool looking General Sea Star I had in an aquarium, so I was really lucky to be able to study it while I painted.  It hung in my house as a favorite piece for years until I decided to let it go and it ended up in this adorable little girl's room as you can see here, I think making it even cuter.  I used paper, shimmer paint, and watercolors amongst acrylic and oil.  All painting inquiry's can be made here at aja@ajalee.com or on the contact tab to your left, all paintings already sold are reproducible.


Two Sprinkle Pops - Oil on Canvas 24x32

This painting was as fun for me to paint as it still is too look at.

All Palette knife work oil on canvas these two pops brighten any space with cheer and "taste".


Calumet Park, San Diego - Acrylic on Canvas 12x10

Outside on the shores of Sunny Calumet Park in Bird Rock, I did this negative color scheme take looking north at La Jolla.

This was the first painting to spawn my love for palette knife work, meaning no use of brushes, and shortly after this I dropped the brush completely in all my works.


Willard - 24x36 Oil on Canvas

Oh Willard, this was my best bunny ever, a male french angora breed, instead of fur they have wool like a sheep that yes, has to be sheared with tiny little scissors.  This painting was the beginning and inspiration for a series to come later using the same concept to really capture the animals pure essence.  A background wallpaper to match the character of the pet and owner, and something in the paw, usually a beverage to exemplify the personality of the subject.  To add your favorite fluffy friend to the wait list for the "Best Friends Collection" email aja@ajalee.com or go to the contact tab at the left.


Ellie - Oil on Canvas

This is a series of paintings that started with the "Willard" and turned into commissions to continue the Best Friends Collection which helped since I had run out of my own animal friends to keep it going.  The purpose of this style was to combine surrealism to better capture each personality better, making the eyes and expression real but with a fun background that reflects the owners style, and something in the paw that reflects both the owner and the pet.  This way it is more fun to enjoy in the home and has a stronger character than the typical pet portrait style.  This is Ellie, a golden lab from Michigan, with coffe and purple Hydrangeas.


Penny - 8x6 Oil on Canvas

There are not many things more comical then chickens, especially your own.  This Barred Rock had hopped up on a wrought iron chair and was forever immortalized in this hilarious chicken posture. I love capturing the personality of animals and bringing out their best side in my paintings.

All sold and private paintings are reproducible, or custom ones for your chickens can be ordered here aja@ajalee.com or the Contact Tab on the left.


Ol' Girl at Big Bear Mountain - Oil on Canvas

I snapped this picture of my late dog Morgan at Big Bear Mountain while snow shoeing.

This is an Oil on Canvas Original.

One of my top favorite commissions to work on are "best friend" portraits for other animal lovers private collections, email at aja@ajalee.com or go the Contact Tab on the left for your special custom painting and quote.


Night Orchid - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 36x36

A famed beauty, the night orchid, too magnificent not to paint and appreciate forever, even the little hairs on the pitcher part of the plant amazed me in this version of natures perfect art.


Heirloom Pumpkins - Oil on Canvas Paper

After visiting my favorite heirloom organic pumpkin farm in California, I sat down and did a study in oil of these french blue and white pumpkin breeds, on an old stone round, and quilt, the essence of fall.


Pelican - Oil on Canvas

An early work thus the faded photography, was a wonderful piece to work on and reproducible for any inquiry's on this painting or any others email aja@ajalee.com or go to the contact tab


Big Rock at Low Tide - Oil on Canvas 15x24

While the wild fires raged in San Diego in 2007 I caught this sunset at low tide on Big Rock Surf Break, the sky was brilliant from all of the smoke and as you can see in this reference photo I kept the colors completely authentic as they were in the moment.  There was ash falling around for days, a special piece done to honor a once in a lifetime sunset at a critical moment.


Passion Flower - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 4ftx3.5ft

This was a commissioned work, something I love to do as it is always a fun challenge.  This was a past years pottery barn pattern color scheme and the client wanted her favorite flower incorporated in this work to go above the couch, and I just so happened to have a passion flower vine growing in my garden for the perfect subject.

Commissioned works are always quicker and easier to acquire and fit perfectly into the home as you can order the exact size, shape, thickness of canvas, with or without frame, and I can match the colors exactly to the room and even to the lighting as you may notice sometimes when something looks good outside the home, the lighting inside the home or office will yield a different result.  I should know, I have been doing commissioned works for my own home exclusively for the last 16 years;)  It is so fulfilling for both the painter and the client to turn a blank space on a wall into the vision we see together, thus doing our part to make the world a more beautiful place.


Rose in a Glass - Oil on Canvas 12x12

Just a simple study of a white rose I wanted to immortalize, I love still life studies on black, it just gives the subject all of it's credibility. 


Love Storm - 22x28 Oil on Canvas

I did this painting in a day or two with a palette knife instead of brush, as an expression of mood and color, I went along following the warm pinks and then added faded jean blues, finished with the first signs of rain over the ocean in the distance.



The Selfie Portrait - Oil on Canvas 18x24

The "Selfie Portrait" a modern way to celebrate, in this client's case turning the Fab 4 O.  Custom Canvas Commissions available for any milestone, most popular as surprise gifts for that special someone else as well.



White Lotus - Acrylic on Canvas 36x36

This painting was the last reason for finally unveiling all of my paintings to the public. I had always sold paintings sort of in secret, some of my painting clients not really knowing me and my music clients never knowing I was a painter.  I was standing over this painting, 5 years after I had finished it to fill a blank wall in a previous house, and was ready to paint over it to save the canvas from becoming obsolete, at least in my mind.  Well, apparently friends don't let friends paint over old paintings, and I had a gem of a friend there who stopped me in my tracks from painting over it and insisted one of her design clients was looking for this exact thing.  I was happy to part with it (most of my paintings i can't bear to sell) and she carted it off to it's new happy home as seen here looking better than it ever did before.

So it was with this that I decided even my own idea of my art is none of my business.  



San Diego Surfers Sunset - Oil on Canvas 12x9

A scene from real life in san diego, walking home together after a typical sunset surf session, one of our many joys in life here!