Aja Lee


Voice of La Jolla Interview

Interview with Ron Jone of Voice of La Jolla regarding Aja's work for the past 4 years in her Life changing Vocal Class for disadvantaged youth at The San Diego Center for Children. STARTS AT 9:40 into the Audio Clip.

La Jolla Lifestyle

Voice of La Jolla 2017

Pod Cast Interview and Publication in Voice of La Jolla with Ron Jones and Aja Lee

Podcast Link without publication article for non compatible devices:




GigTown Co-Owner Andy Altman's Super Selfie in front of Aja Lee Music Studio in La Jolla, Ca


Ada M. Interview Trailer

Trailer for Interview with world class gal pal Ada Mauro, a fabulous woman herself and launching a new pilot and series for her new Person of Interest Interview panel slash cook whatever is on hand themed show..check it out here and see the full shows on youtube for free here:


Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc6X1_mJAQs&feature=youtu.be&a


Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igPTjn6Bejg&feature=youtu.be&list=UU

Show Reel Mixes Big Businesses with Aja Lee


Featured Artist for both Pre-Election & Post-Election Celebrations: San Diego's New Mayor Kevin Faulconer


In San Diego Tonight


Live Late Show Interview & Performance

Click the In San Diego Tonight Link 


Photo: Finishing interview with insandiegotonight..look here for the show time air date!

Aja is seen here during a studio interview after being picked up as guest artist for the Pilot of San Diegos Newest Late Night show

Air Dates TBA

Revolt In Style

Summer 2013 Issue of Revolt In Style Mag on Aja Lee 

FM 94.9


Played for the first time on public radio by DJ Tim Pyles

Three songs in a row off of her newest album of the time Slow Day

The EP recorded only weeks earlier with widely known and heard Producer Ben Moore was just into production by the independant artist and still arriving in the mail when word of the radio play got out.

Maxine and Marti Gellens

Luxury Real Estate 

Boasts Fantastic Seaside Property Videos combined with Aja Lee Music 

for the perfect lifestyle package.


Captured By Dannis Anderson Stage Photography and posted in the Troubadour as Hot Artists around town- Aja Lee is seen here Jammming at Lestats Music Venue in San Diego Posted next to colleague Michael Tiernan just weeks before playing their first show side by side in Del Mar California.

La Jolla Light

Aja is acredited for brigning a main act to the first year of Haute La Jolla Music Festival Nights in this Local paper's article

Going on to book at the corner of Girard and Wall for the next eight consecutive Haute Nights which are provided by the La Jolla Merchants Society to bring music back into the streets.

La Jolla Light

Article on Aja For La Jolla's Best Bets on who to hear for music, organic articles written without interview to the Independent artist are the most popular media to be seen in the early days of this budding artist.