Aja Lee


These Are The Days

Aja Lee


These Are The Days

Words and Music By

Aja Lee 2011 C


c 234 g 234 D 234 g 234


Had a job he couldn't take

made him want to break- down

made him loose his faith

just for higher pay

this isn't worth it all he'd say


mmm mmm mmmm


it was a sunny bright warm day

she knew she couldn't play

there was work to do

lots of books and bags

seemed like such a drag

now suddenly she's 42


(CHorus )


these are


the days

d                                         g

 that you've been longing for

c                    g

these are

                                    d          g

These are the days

c        g       d          g           c       g         d          g

o ooo oo oooooo



all they wanted was the day

where they could get away

the perfect lovely place

away from all the noise

laundry kids and toys

now suddenly there 88




rhythm stops

                            c                                       g                                      

change will come change will come change 

              d            g

will come eventually

                                 c                                    g

change will come change will come

                                d        g

change will co------me  oh change will

c                g                                                                    d

come     eventually        oh change will come

g                                        c

you you you will see