Aja Lee



"Listening to Aja is like going in a tropical Vacation"
- Fan sharing a quotable
 "I see the winding roads of the Italian Coast, Positano, a little vintage red convertible, black and white movies, thats where Aja Blu music is playing..." (Aja Blu is her Jazz and Bossa Nova Group) 
- Fan @ Lounge Gig
 "Hearing Aja takes me back to college in New York City, late at night after class in the dive bars, friends and a beer..a lone musician set on the small stage with her guitar, pouring her heart out..warm, touching, authentic" 
- Tova Gold
Glitter Artist findingmymuchness.com
"Aja is a wonderful gem.  How awesome that her voice and ukulele have the power to mesmerize you and draw you into the present moment.  When I listen to her play I am immediately transported into a relaxed state.  Her tone soothes like a gentle breeze on a summer day.  At the same time, her music brightens you without agitating.  If you ever have the opportunity to see her play in person, you can witness how the music flows and lives within her.  I am a fan!"
World Class Yogi and Instructor
-Michael Fukumura


 Aja Live              Aja Blu                 Aja Yoga              


Aja Blu is Aja's full Jazz and Bossa Nova Band, a mix of Jazz standards, Tropical and Brazilian Bossa Nova, International covers, and unique Jazz compositions of everlasting favorites.

Aja Yoga is an all acoustic, a classy and creative special option to add a personal touch that makes any yoga class extra special.

Single Savasana or Full Class of Music available.

This Option also works well with any sensitive sort of event where a positive and spiritual vibe is desired.

Aja Live is an acoustic or Full Sound System Ukulele Voice Guitar (and *Piano) Original music and covers of beach style Vintage Music Mixed "Toes in the San Music with a side of Tropical Jazz"



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