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In northern Italy there is this spectacular river that runs thru the valleys and villages, fed by the alps and transformed from clear light blue in Slovenia to its clear crystalline green once it touches Italy, we visited a part id never been to before, it was so beautiful, down a long lush green flower covered path off the roadside you could hear the faint summer sounds of those who have retreated to the tiver, winding thru the trees there it was, amongst the usual mix of pebbles was a little patch of sand, flowers and trees scattered about, purple mountains in the distance, heavy heat from the sun sparkling the surface of the clear alpine water.
Butterflies circle about, dragonflies and little birds chirp accordingly, and the stream is full of little fish.
A shallow but sizable cascatina, rapids or wide baby waterfall, gave the loud sound of gushing water and as per usual at any river bank here, the local kids used the moss covered cliff as a makeshift diving board lining up in a small crowd circling around after drying off from the rocky climb up the cliff.
Everyone gathers here, usually in groups pertaining to how close the part of the river is within walking distance to your home, sitting in the rapids to talk, you bring some friends with and find more there, afterwards is the gelato shop for cold treats and then, oh my its time for dinner again!

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