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I awoke to the sounds of paris right before a rain, the early morning botiques first lights twinkeling in the dark morning.
So many cafes to choose from we settled on one where many artists and writers including hemmingway and picaso frequented, a charming old building choc full of mirrors and brass, waiters in suits all over the place serving you like you are the queen of england- the yogirt came in a little glass with gold foil and the crusty baguette was served with fresh butter wrapped up like a peice of candy in a foil wrapper, mt tea on a silver tray, the feelkng of paris in every sip.
The day was in fulm swing, fresh paint on an old door made me imagine how fun it would be to repaint an okd apt here, people chat quitely at cafes and walk neatly to their places, tress line every avenue and there are vibtage book sellers all along the siene.
I grabbed a carrot a passion fruit and two dates at the market and headed to the louvre.
The rain had stopped and i spent four hours looking af every brushstroke and color pallette, imagining just how much paint it would have taken to do such large works, back the , davinci, michelangelo, etc, they would have used natural pigments from the earth, mostly quarries from italy, and band blended them with mostly walnut oil, thinned with lavender oil and thickened with limestone powder, just to make a small painting is alot of work, and these vibrant masterpeices (the natural pigemtns last hundreds of years and much longer than synthetic oil paint) still jump off the wall with their vividity 500 years later is astonishing in its own rite.
Lunch atva place our friends brittany and lorenzo reccomended called yamtcha, japanese french fusion, thag was to say the least 100% impressive in its pure and simple cuisine all inside of a rustic minimalstic tavern with raw wood and lots of white everywhere, everyone aits at a low communal table and they serve up world class tea (oh joy!) a 15 hour cold brew red leaf with citron and a hot pu'er, with 5 kinds of bao (little types of buns/dumplings) from seshwan tofu to english stilton inside, and tuna tartare with black rice, tasted of yuzu and green plants.
I couldnt leave just yet so i ordered two more dumplings of chocolate and peanut apricot.
After notre dame and a rosé we fell asleep without dinner after walking about ten miles or so That seemed the right way to end the day.



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