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I got a text from a friend yesterday that read:


"I'm trading my money for dirt!"

My reply "Love this!"


So in explanation, I have spent the last few weeks in a class with my boyfriend about your relationship to money, I was learning so many hidden things about where we stop ourselves from doing what we really want, based on old stories we created from the past, ya know all that kind of stuff that doesn't make it into our daily radar system, but its there, showing up as feeling restricted, or annoyed, stuck, or afraid.

So we were at Green Gardens in PB getting some dirt and rocks for my baby Joshua Tree (of course right?) when I was loading the trunk with more bags of dirt I exclaimed "Wow I just realized that in this moment dirt is literally more valuable to me than my money..so I am essentially trading money for dirt..." And happily, I might add.

For myself, I guess that I learned there are so many times that we don't want to do something because we look only at the "loss" we will incur instead of what we will gain (that is not counted in dollars).  Maybe it's texting my grandma back and forth every day, reminding me how precious life is, either way, I have certainly found a new well of riches beyond money, and that is the people and things in our life that bring us joy.

Since it seemed to make an impression on my friends who now send me their updates on when they trade money for something more valuable than little green papers, I figured it might just be worth sharing with you (the world ) as well.

Happy Dirt Purchasing this holiday season;)


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