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Hello you have found my blog!
Every summer for the past five years I have the privilege to travel to Italy and surrounding countries, this is where I keep In touch with friends and family on such a long trip with no phones (part of the vacation!) and most often no wifi since I will be in the countryside most of the time;)
Welcome to the next 30 days of my adventures in italy, this year I will also visit france for the first time!
in this blog I will post live recorded songs, paintings, photos and stories as I go along with my faithful travel companion and Italian citizen Stefano!
please scusi typos and enjoy! prego!
The night is calm, the air in Venezia was heavy and still hot from the day, once arrived in the cloak of night this time, udine was much cooler and the Italian crickets are cricking away outside the window. 
Giovanni always greets us with such an enormous warmth and geniousity, I practice listening to italian conversation for two hours in the car while they catch up with each other so I can get ready to speak and hear only Italian for the rest of my trip.  
I felt even more excited to arrive this year even though it is my fifth trip in a row! I think now I have begun to know the people more here and there is a whole other element that is so beautiful now about coming - they have treated me as family each and every summer, and truly spoiled me at that!
I hear the magical church bells toll I think it must be 2 am here. 
The most beautiful sight I've ever seen was Stefano running from the car, all 39 years of him, to catch his mamma in his arms and hug her so tight, reminds us how precious life is. We must embrace each other with each moment we have the chance!!
I will sleep now, it's been three nights with minimal to no sleep In order to get our internal clocks adjusted- tomorrow I will awaken to the usual first day of feasting- it begins and flows from each meal until we leave, in 30 days:)
Good night. 
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