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Yesterday was sunday I do know that, but im not sure what calendar day it is and I dont really need to, or care to find out, and this is how I measure if I've had enough time to reset.
Things are measured by meals here, and plans are made by the last time you saw someone and decide when to meet up again.
The festival is also still going and yesterday was eventful, not so much for the festivities but for the tempo, weather was extraordinary, which seems to be measured by how much, if any, water leaks into the house, forced in by wind and or sheer volume.
The heat has been so intense that heading outside around 4 was all you could bear, and even then it was a struggle that took an ice cafè with a little baileys to make the walk in the sun through the fields to get there.
The problem yesterday was a storm was moving in and i had even heard the word tornádo tossed around, so casually dispensed this word was, that I thought it may just be a bit of weather drama.
It has been so hot and i could feel the wind picking up, definite movement in the air, which was a welcome relief from the constant heat, day and night.
Once arrived, whilst grabbing a radler (special summer beer with lemon or grapefruit from slovenia) there was an undeniably ominous and low hanging darkness descending on the mountain. Everyone began to migrate from the top of the festival to the lower area where the large tent, for shade and meals, is kept.
After five festivals here i have never really seen this large crowd moving in unison with such swiftness, malto interessante, I paused one more time to look back at the heavy mass in the sky, fascinated by its presence, so low, so near... so, black.
Their were no drops this time, only the wind picking up, the crowds moved faster towards the massive tent and the workers began seriously zipping up the sides, also something i have not seen before.
Suddenly a great force came down, swirling and wrecking anything that was not cemented down, mountain bikers tossed their bikes inside for fear of them flying away, and my love of thunder storms was replaced by a small panic realizing, if there was a tornado we were all, for lack of a better word, toast.
As sudden as the wind full of festival laden objects had descended, the water fell from the heavens. There should be a word for when the rain falls in such a way that the sound is deafening and the onset is so.. immediate. I would call it not rain but, it was more "waterfalling".
So relieved to have the dry swirling wind replaced by rain, that oddly all was well, yells and squeals were replaced by conversations, beers were finished, and after 45 minutes the darkness ascended, the drops cleared and the sun came out, the damage for the campers was sad to see, tents were either strewn about, missing, or plucked up by the owners and taken home. Either way, the once boisterously filled fields, laid bare. Kiosks were shuttered tight, and a few carcasses of what had been decorated the sodden earth.
People emerging slowly, one informant came by to share that it was definitely over, pointed to the dark mass that now hung more west over the mountains on the other side where it had began, showing how it was leaving us. Then he laughingly added that if for some reason the winds turned it around and it came back to our mountain again it would be real trouble, and walked away. I couldn't really imagine what real trouble was and didn't care to find out. But a few stayed, probably the ones who had nearby non-tented homes to go to, and the final soccer match began, sun on our backs, the sidelines filled, and the game was finished before the next storm later that night.
The next day at the river I heard the paper wrote an article that in a slightly more elevated festival location in another village, there had been injuries and sadly even worse, reminding me of how different it is to live here with this weather it is truly unique in the mountains and foothills, I've lived in the deserts heat, and I've lived in the lake effect midwestern storms of blizzards, water spouts, and tornados, even the tropical wet heat near the equator is different than here, foothills of northeastern Italy seem to stand alone in many things, including in that their weather patterns.


2017-08-11 07:42:29 - Kari Townsend
You truly have a way with words! These are wonderful to read, & you should submit them to a travel agency or something. Every one; I feel like I'm there, & want to go there all at the same time!
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