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Today we had front tickets to see sting, in cividale Italy (5 min from the house !) with friends from across the street- the day was clear and blue all was well, a man from the bar mentioned it would rain despite the evidence, and it did. Pouring at the last minute i all but gave up my dream to finally get to see sting. We left the house anyway, umbrellas, shoes, windbreakers, scarfs, not your typical summer night.
Once arrived there was a surprisingly cold wind but it seemed to be the last bits of rain, getting slightly better!
We arrived and walked about ten paces and besides a bunch of confusion at the gate about who to let in (as if holding tickets was a secondary reason to consider) we were let in and free to roam around. It was all beautiful mountainside grass staked out with little chairs and hand printed numbers, the food trucks were piled high with panini of every sort and all the typical festival beer, there was a lone vendor walking the isles, a young guy with a homade cooler using a ductaped towel as a strap and a cardboard sharpie sign indicating colas and beer, unsponsored in any corporate way making his rounds quietly, a fanny pack full of cash.

Since there were only folding chairs stuck in the grass there was no formal isle and no secuirty so we all gathered at the top of the stage to watch the sound check and see what instruments they were all playing tonight.
Stings son opened and it became immediately clear that vocal folds are indeed, hereditary. It was uncanny to hear him- and still even with a younger tonally and stylistically similar voice, sting is sting.
All i can say is that he still sounds absolutley amazing, its like the record from 20 years ago playing as loud as the volume would go on the old stereo when no one was home, after a long day of 6th grade, still sounds the same.
There are some songs, some music, that must be heard live once they mean something to you, somethings that must be done in ones lifetime, and sitting in the toe numbing cold drinking freezing beer meant for the summer weather, just to warm up our insides, while all of northern Italy sang along, was well worth it.

Home to pack and a trip to Paris via Venice in the morning!

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