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Yesterday, i was planning to read outside for much needed fresh air, i had been doing morning yoga when the jetlag gripped me, causing me to fall asleep straight on my matt after breakfast.
As i stepped out the summer rain drops began to fall, so i said goodbye to the little dog bellow me, so excited to have a potential friend, and took my book (a year in provance reccomended to me by owners of a house in france, and not in the least bit dissapointing) and brought my things inside, yesterday had been a psudo storm but this one was certainly upon us.
The storms in the north of italy are full of energy and gusto, and although there can be signs of their approach, must be taken seriously or one risks a very wet house indoors depending on how many windows you have to close when it ascends.
Ive seen a few but this one was particularly swift, the direction of the rain going up down sideways and i was drenched from closing only one upstairs window left ajar, the sill and bed boasted a small lake- all within one minute.
I was happy to have a cozy place to read my book, stefano was working down the street using the internet at the bar and it was livia sergio and i in the house- the storm provided a nice backdrop of nature sounds until it became so dark i had to turn the light on(in the middle of the day) which was promptly cut as the electricity went out and i went in search of a brighter room for my book.
I started counting the seconds between lightening and thunder, reminding me of when i was a little girl in Michigan tornado season, holed up in the hall closet with my little brothers and the weather radio. But this was different, the lightening strikes grabbed my attention, i realized not only was the timing synchronized making the storm directly on top of the shaking house, but i have never actually heard lighting "cracking", not like this. I do love storms, but these loud cracks were circumferencing the house and louder than the thunder themselves- even sweet livia came down to ask me if i was afraid- all of it happening with the thickness of the rain turning the landscape to a grey sheet outside the window and a few shutters blew loose flapping hopelessly in the wind, with no chance of being reattached until it was over.
So my trip to gain internet for the day was somewhat interrupted, but it all ended with a cozy dinner of minestrone made from wild beans and herbs, blocks of cheese from the latteria, hot crusty loaves of bread, and fresh salami before all turning to bed. Today marks the beginning of our adventures for the month, and i am elated to prepare for both a Sting concert in cividale(!) about 15 minutes from the village, and a trip to france in the morning!


2017-08-07 04:21:08 - AJA
Thank you Tina! It makes me so happy to hear this, i love transporting people to a place and time because I know how it makes me feel when I read great stories of life and travel, best travel wishes to you! -Aja
2017-07-25 05:18:06 - Tina Sarber
Aja, while reading your beautiful words, I find my mind transported to Italy...what a truly beautiful place! You have an extraordinary way with words and I look forward to reading all about your adventures in Italy and in life!!
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