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Soulful Island Poprock gives you her signature "Toes in the Sand Music"

Aja Lee is San Diego's Ukulele Lady.  The Independent artist with a healing sound making organic music from the heart.

Aja Blu is the Jazz Bossa Nova Band created by Aja Lee and worldclass Guitarist, Arranger & Professor James Abhul


Aja established the "Aja Lee Music Studio" in 2006 in La Jolla Ca, bringing all musicians of all ages together in a school for song writing recording piano guitar vocals and ukulele, including locals, non locals, and underprivileged youth in her 3rd year of the Center for Children program bringing music education to California's disadvantaged youth through volunteer efforts and now with new funding to expand to meet the needs of the overflowing program!


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MINI BIO as seen on Voice of La Jolla


Aja Lee, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has lived in La Jolla since 2001. She began penning songs at the age of 6; playing piano at the age of 7; learning guitar and lyric composition at the age of 12; becoming accomplished on ukulele along the way, culminating with selling her first albums - as a teen - out of her high school locker.


Today, along with her live performances, Aja - for the past twenty years - is actively engaged in distributing her original music and popular favorites to an ever expanding worldwide on-line audience.


Aja Blu, formed in 2014, her Jazz & Bossa Nova Band recognized for their classy twist on American Songbook standards, originals, & pop favorites.


Aja established the "Aja Lee Music Studio" in 2006 in La Jolla, bringing musicians of all ages together in a school noted for classes in song writing, recording, piano and guitar instruction, vocal training, and, of course, ukulele prowess. In 2013, Aja began focusing on underprivileged youth during her 3rd year of operation at the Aja Lee Music San Diego Center for Children, bringing music education to California's disadvantaged youth as a volunteer instructor. To expand her program and its availability, Aja has initiated a donation site for those of you who see value in allowing youth, no matter stations, access to musical training:


Music 4 Disadvantaged Youth


Published Work

Slow Day 2011

Slow Day the Radio edition album is jam packed with spirit and good times - tracks can be heard in yoga studios & radio stations all up and down the west coast and mp3's reaching from California to the US East Coast and across to Switzerland, New Zealand, Europe & Taiwan. Accepted onto Pandora Radios Gnome Project and available on soundcloud itunes cd baby and spotify.


Aja Lee Self Titled 2006 available on Itunes and CD Baby


Aja Lee: Life is Delicious 2004


Aja Lee 1998 first album sold from her Highschool Locker *out of production





Aja Lee is a Michigan born, California seasoned, artiste.


At her first breath, eyes wide open and an indelible smile upon her face, she began a spiritual chautauqua, exploring, expressing and expanding her new universe. As with all bright children she only required simple tools to paint her world.


Whether a toy piano, a chunk of sidewalk chalk or a fat gloppy paintbrush, it was a means to validate the height, breadth, width and length of this amazing new world – it’s as if she knew of only one dynamic, inter-related dimension called creativity. This creative dimension was an all inclusive, zen-like reality, experienced directly, without distortion, through a child’s eyes, endorsed by the innate passion to create.


Aja spoke her first complete sentence at only 18 months old and didn’t speak another for six months. She simply pointed at a beautifully brilliant super-moon one evening and said, “Aja Lee go to moon!” 


Aja began playing by ear at around 3 years old. Her first tune was the familiar musical phrase from Beethoven’s Symphony #5 in C Minor, playing the classic Da-Da-Da-Dum, repeatedly. When asked where she got this song from, she simply said, “From the pickle commercial on TV daddy!” 


As soon as she learned to spell and write, she began creating her own poetry, keeping a song journal at age six.


Aja thrives on pleasing others and sees the best in everything around her, which is clearly reflected in her all her art forms.


Living in a child’s fairy-tale world, she spent her days reading, drawing and playing outside with the frogs and fireflies, as it were. After the Beethoven discovery she was given a real keyboard and immediately started to play Yanni tunes, until she knew them all. 


At age 7, during hard times, her keyboard/recording studio was repossessed by the bank. So I sold my old Zildjian cymbals and bought her a Takamine classical guitar- I told her, “There is a piano in the guitar”, and by the second week of not coming out of her room, she dashed over, jumped in my arms and cried out, “Daddy, daddy! I found the piano in the guitar!!!” Soon Aja was fluent at playing not only Yanni, but anything else she wanted to on that little Takamine guitar.


In the following years, around age nine Aja fell in love with the rich Caribbean tones of the double baritone steel drums. This seemed to awaken her blossoming singing skills and soon vocals began to pour out her. She sang like a song bird in spring, year round. It seemed to take her to a higher level of personal expression that obviously piano, guitar and painting couldn’t do alone.


Like a fountain, springing up from her soul, lyrics and melodies flowed through her pen to paper.


With help from her senior class, after winning the year’s talent contest, she produced her first self titled album. This was the launch of her present life as it is today, completely dedicated to music.


Upon arriving at the sweet salty shores of Southern San Diego, living in her little red convertible, at age eighteen, Aja began performing for her new fans, 1800 miles away from home.


Aja never stopped writing songs and performing where ever she could bend an ear. Within the first year in La Jolla, she finished her second album "Life is Delicious".


Immediately, she began creating her next epic piece of work and produced her third album, appropriately titled, "Summer in Vacationland”, including the popular smash hit "Walking Melody". This song was purchased by a large San Diegan company for commercial use, within only months of its release.


In 2006 she hung her hat as the local elementary school music teacher and curriculum writer at a quaint school called, Bird Rock Elementary. This readied her for another quantum leap in her career, which culminated in her creating a children's music studio- Aja style.


These amazing children reminded her of the importance of having an expressive outlet in life and she cherished and inspired each one with a specialized, personally crafted course.  Aja was on a new level of creative momentum, focusing her creativity into a higher octave, inventing teaching tools and pioneering new learning methods.


Soon, it seems, all the neighborhood children were signed up for lessons in guitar, ukulele, piano, vocals songwriting and recording, but Aja made sure there was no work until after enjoying a cup of tea and a warm muffin, to spark the creative souls sleeping within.


In 2005 she discovered the art of Ukulele, like a child dusting off a sandy shell from the water’s edge- it was love at first touch. Interestingly enough, the word Ukulele originates from the Hawaiian words uku (gift or reward) and lele (to come) and as the world was soon to see, Aja Lee’s new genre of coastal folk music was truly a “gift that arrived”.


As if she stumbled upon the lost philosopher’s stone of music, the soulful elements of her voice naturally infused with the exotic wood tones of the Ukulele, giving flight to a harmonic metamorphosis.


In an epic fashion, suddenly Aja’s inner voice burst out of its self imprisoned chrysalis, like a vibrant butterfly, fluttering along the coastal flowers of Southern California, dancing to the Technicolor of the sunny tones of the Ukulele.


This new tool empowered her to express her personal challenges and heartache into a fresh creation, an acoustical alchemy of sorts. One might say Alchemy potent enough to inspire and empower others to overcome personal challenges, fears and trials in their own lives too. Her soulful wisdom, miraculously soothes and heals the mind and body, like lapping waves at your toes on a perfect summer’s day at the beach.


This new wave of love and energy formed an entirely unique sound experience for the listener. Scenes at her music camps along the beaches of La Jolla are reminiscent of the tale of the pied piper, filled with visions of dancing and singing children, smiling families and embracing friends, living, loving and laughing away the burdens of a broken world, yet marching onward to a better place; a healing, safe place found only in the hearts of happy children.


Some her fans describe Aja Lee’s singing and playing asToes in the Sand Music", “Coastal Folk Music” or "Soulful Ukulele Blues Pop-Rock". By whatever label you come up with, a rose by any other name is still a rose . . . meaning, each person experiences something beyond words, enlightening them in a deep safe space, somewhere in the realm of one’s heart and soul, as true music always has. The beauty of this rose is truly unique to the eyes of each beholder.


One venue trying to describe to local listeners, even chalked "UPBEAT BLUES on the Ukulele" on their sidewalk sign outside a show.


You may catch Aja performing today in varied venues from art galleries to yoga studios; Fans have seen her perform her music as far South as North Carolina, North as Michigan, East as Maine and Italy and as far West as the rain forests of Maui.


If you would like to contact Aja for a cup of tea and a lesson or hire her for your own special jam session, she can be found singing in La Jolla California, where she teaches the joy of music in the Aja Lee Music Studio.


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